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Tangkahan Elephant Rainforest Trekking

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Tangkahan Elephant Rainforest Trekking
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The above header appears courtesy of The Leuser Foundation

Tangahan plays a unique and important role in Indonesian and World conservation efforts. Origianlly, the elephants you see were in danger of being slain by villagers whose crops they were ravaging. The park authorities, however, interceded, relocating them and "putting them to work" maintaining the forests, helping patrol for illegal logging, assisting in conservation service projects, etc.

These tours are also one of the best ways to both support local communities in the Gunung Leuser National Park area and defent against illegal logging. The local government has turned over the forest in tangkahan to the local community. By doing this they have empowered the local community to take a stand against illegal logging. They have also rehabilitated thousands of illegal loggers, who now make their revenues through sustainable and responsible ecotourism instead.

Elephant trekking tours in Gunung Leuser at Tangkahan start at just $139.99 for 3 day, 2 night tours.

Jln Labu, Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia
+62 61 777 33 99 2

We are a nonprofit subsidiary of the International Conservation Society, which benefits from all our proceeds.

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