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Lake Toba Tours

Lake Toba Tours
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Lake Toba is the site of what many scientists claim was the largest volcanic eruption in natural history, but is now inactive and is a tranquil resort area renowned for its culture and beauty. Our resort is located on the island of Samosir, in the traditional Batak style compound of a Batak Prince (though the current government has long ago deposed the entire Batak kingdom), so you will truly find accommodation fit for a king or queen there.


The most popular thing to do at Lake Toba is to just relax and enjoy the natural scenery, the beauty of which is unsurpassed. The cool mountain air, lovely views and clear waters of the crater lake are among the most soothing experiences on earth, and will melt your stress away at once. There are, however, many more activities available for the adventurous, including swimming, boating, fishing, jet - skiing, trekking, etc.


There is also lots of culture to explore. You can enjoy the spicy and sumptuous Batak cuisine, walk around the tradtional Batak villages, and explore the royal tombs (sarcophagi) and execution stones (don't worry - the executions are a thing of the distant past). Cultural performances are also available.

Packages in our very own Lake Toba resort, Tolping Palace, start at just $49.99 for 4 days 3 nights, $99.99 for a week, $179.99 for 2 weeks, or $229.99 for a full month.

Jln Labu, Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia
+62 61 777 33 99 2

We are a nonprofit subsidiary of the International Conservation Society, which benefits from all our proceeds.

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